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Severe Weather Or Tornado


The U.S. Weather Service reports the movement of severe weather that may present a threat to metropolitan areas. Severe weather includes but is not limited to thunderstorms, tornados, windstorms, snowstorms, etc. If a tornado warning has been issued by the weather service, a tornado siren may sound in your area to notify you that a tornado warning is in effect.

If an alert for severe weather is announced by the U.S. Weather Service:

  1. The Emergency Response Team should move all occupants away from the perimeter of the building instructing tenants to close perimeter doors when exiting.
  2. If time permits, close all drapes and blinds.
  3. Take cover in core areas of the building such as interior offices, hallways, corridors, or restrooms away from glass doors and windows.
  4. When the all clear is announced, the Emergency Response Team will direct employees to return to regularly scheduled duties.
  5. Call 911 and notify the Management Office of injuries. [See the Medical Emergencies section of this Guide]
  6. Report any damage such as broken windows, leaks, or fire to the Management Office.

Tenants should maintain an inventory of first aid and emergency supplies to be used during severe weather. See the Medical Emergencies - First Aid / Emergency Supplies section of this website.