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Hurricanes and Floods


When the United States Hurricane Center Issues a Hurricane Warning, the building will close well in advance of the condition becoming dangerous. Robinson Park will request all tenants to secure their offices and leave the premises.

When a hurricane warning has been issued, it is of the utmost importance that all precautionary measures and actions are taken immediately for the protection of life and property.


  1. Keep abreast of weather conditions via radio or television.
  2. Remove all papers, pictures, plaques, hanging objects, desktop items, and other loose objects from perimeter offices and store in interior rooms.
  3. Close all doors of perimeter offices. If time permits, close all drapes and blinds.
  4. LEAVE ALL INTERIOR DOORS OPEN in order to prevent atmospheric pressure problems.
  5. Move all expensive equipment and important documents to interior rooms.
  6. Notify the alarm company (if your company has one) of the probability of a power outage during the storm.
  7. Report all flooding, leaks, fires and structural damage to the Management Office as soon as possible.